August 2, 2010

Gnostic Media Podcast

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Jan Irvin

Acharya S) Debunking Zeitgeist debunkers
Marguerite Rigoglioso) Parthenogenesis and Fertility Cults


MAPS Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century Conference (PS21CC)
07/27'10 MAPS-PS21CC) Psilocybin and Cancer Anxiety
07/20'10 MAPS-PS21CC) End of Life Psilocybin Research
07/11'10 MAPS-PS21CC) MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy for Treatment of PTSD
06/28'10 MAPS-PS21CC) Conference Introduction

07/21'10 gm-85 David Nichols) Psychedelic Psychopharmacology
07/16'10 gm-84 Alex and Allyson Grey) Soul Mates and Universal Consciousness
07/04'10 gm-83 James Fadiman) Psychedelic Guides
06/28'10 gm-82 David Flattery) Peganum Harmala and Ephedra
06/20'10 gm-81 Acharya SM pt 2) Debunk this!
05/31'10 gm-80 The Mormons: Joseph Smith's Psychedelic Voyage
05/23'10 gm-79 Richard Evans Schultes lectures on Hallucinogenic Plants
05/16'10 gm-78 Richard Grove co-hosting and Patrick Byrne) Hey Wall Street, sell this!
05/09'10 gm-77 Brett Veinotte) School Sucks
05/02'10 gm-76 Deborah Mash) Clean, Ibogaine Clean!
04/26'10 gm-75 Orwell's Warning – An Interview with Erik Blaire
04/22'10 gm-74 Farewell, Friend – A Tribute to Jack Herer
04/11'10 gm-73 Herman de Vries) The Nightshades
04/04'10 gm-72 Peter Duesberg) Inventing Aids
03/28'10 gm-71 Alan Shoemaker) The Fugitive
03/28'10 gm-70 Shlomo Sand) The Invention of the Jewish People


10/19'09 gm-48 Steve Hager) High Times to Octopus Conspiracies
10/12'09 gm-47 Arik Roper) Not Just Art, Mushroom Art
10/04'09 gm-46 Eustice Mullins) A Bona Fide Conspiracy? pt2
09/27'09 gm-45 Eustice Mullins) A Bona Fide Conspiracy? pt1
09/20'09 gm-44 Judith Anne Brown) John Marco Allegro
09/07'09 gm-42 Ellen Brown) Web of Debt
08/30'09 gm-41 Stephen Zarlenga) Money's Dirty Little Secret (pt1)
08/25'09 gm-40 Chris Conrad) Hemp – Lifeline to the Future
08/17'09 gm-39 A lecture by John Marco Allegro about Jesus and Qumran
08/10'09 gm-38 Mitch Schultz) DMT – The Spirit Molecule
08/03'09 gm-37 Jan with Richard and Lisa on Healthcare, U.S. vs Peru
06/20'09 gm-36 Eddy Lepp) Medical Marijuana and the Feds
06/14'09 gm-35 Hal Lucius Nation) 5-MeO-DMT, Ritual and T.O.A.D.
06/08'09 gm-34 Benny Shanon) Antipodes of the Mind
05/31'09 gm-33 G. Edward Griffin) The Creature from Jekyll Island
05/24'09 gm-32 Neal Goldsmith) Psycho-Spiritual Evolution
05/18'09 gm-31 Alan Piper) Ancient European and Middle Eastern Drug Use pt2
05/11'09 gm-30 Alan Piper) Ancient European and Middle Eastern Drug Use pt1
05/03'09 gm-29 Wolfgang Bauer) Amanita muscaria, the fly mushroom
04/26'09 gm-28 Marguerite Rigoglioso) The Cult of Divine Birth
04/19'09 gm-27 Marlene Dobkin de Rios) Ayahuasca, Panacea or Epidemic?
04/12'09 gm-26 Dennis McKenna) Plant Intelligence
04/05'09 gm-25 Carl A.P. Ruck) The Hidden World
03/30'09 gm-24 Brian Akers) Sacred Mushrooms of Mexico
03/22'09 gm-23 David Hillman) The Chemical Muse
03/15'09 gm-22 Michael Winkelman) Religious Evolution
03/09'09 gm-21 Acharya SM pt 1) Christ in Egypt, the Horus-Jesus connection
03/01'09 gm-20 Thomas Roberts) Psychedelic Horizons
02/22'09 gm-19 Peter Webster) Eleusis, LSD and Psychedelic Evolution
02/16'09 gm-18 Ernest Werner) Did Jesus Ever Exist?
02/08'09 gm-17 Jack Herer, Rick Simpson) Cannabis – Run From the Cure!
02/01'09 gm-16 John Loftus, former top US Justice Dept Prosecutor under Carter and Reagan
01/27'09 gm-15 Chris Bennett) Cannabis and the Soma/Haoma Solutions
01/19'09 gm-14 Stephen Buhner) Sacred and Shamanic Beers
01/11'09 gm-13 Roland Griffiths) Mushrooms and Mystical Experience
01/04'09 gm-12 Stanislav Grof) LSD Psychotherapy


12/29'08 gm-11 John Lamb Lash) On the Gnostics
12/22'08 gm-10 Rick Doblin) Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)
12/14'08 gm-9 James DeMeo) Saharasia pt2
12/07'08 gm-8 John Major Jenkins) The 2012 Meme pt2
11/30'08 gm-7 James DeMeo) Saharasia pt1
11/23'08 gm-6 Neil Whitehead) Dark Shamans
11/17'08 gm-5 Charles Grob) Psychedelics, the Scientific Evidence
11/10'08 gm-4 John Hoopes) The 2012 Meme pt1
11/03'08 gm-3 Martin Ball) Religious and Spiritual Freedom
10/28'08 gm-2 John Rush) Was Jesus a Mushroom?
10/23'08 gm-1 Carl A.P. Ruck, Richard Andrew Grove) Sacred Mushroom

Entheogenic Evolution